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How much fuel do you use per trip?

For half a day you are on average at 10/15 liters and for a whole day you are between 15/25 liters. It really depends on how much you are snorkeling or boating. With the fun tube, the consumption is slightly higher. But during the trip you can keep track of the consumption of the fuel gauge on the dashboard so that you will never be faced with surprises after a pleasant day on the water.

Can I rent a fun tube or wakeboard?

We have two fun tubes: The Donut and Flat Disc. Renting a wakeboard is also an option. Guaranteed fun on the water for young and old! Pay attention: There needs to be a minimum of 3 people on board to use a fun tube or wakeboard. 

Is there shade on the boat?

Yes, the boats have a large hood where you can sit under and you can therefore also sit dry if a shower comes over. You can also fold the hood if you want to fully enjoy the sun.

Is there a swim ladder on the boat?

There is a bathing ladder at the back of the boat and we have 2 boats with an extra long bathing ladder, so let us know in time if you have difficulty walking and we will schedule the right boat for you.

Do you need a sailing license?

You do not officially need a boat license on the waters of Bonaire, but you must be in possession of a driver's license and be older than 21 years old because the boats sail at over 38 km/h

Is there a toilet on the boat?

No, there is no toilet, but you can use toilets in the Harbor Village Marina.

Is there music on the boat?

The boat has a radio with bluetooth function, so bring your own phone and enjoy some great music during the trip.

Are you allowed to dive from the boat?

No, it is not allowed by Stinapa. Diving is only allowed from a boat with an experienced guide. If you are interested in this, contact one of our colleagues at AquaFun Bonaire

Are there facilities on Klein Bonaire?

No, Klein Bonaire falls under Stinapa's Bonaire National Marine Park. As a result, this is a nature reserve and the only thing you can find there is a shelter and some garbage cans

Can we drink alcohol on board?

The driver/main tenant is not allowed to drink alcohol, as you are then not insured in the event of damage.

Do we have to fill up the boat with petrol ourselves?

No, of course we do that for you. The engine keeps track of your fuel consumption during the trip. You can easily read this on the dashboard.

Is the boat insured?

Yes, the boat is insured for damage to the boat itself or damage to third parties. We do require a deductible of $500. In the event of reckless sailing behaviour, deliberate sailing damage or alcohol consumption, the insurance will lapse and the damage will be recovered from the main driver.

What to do in case of damage?

Call us immediately and sail no further. In case of emergency, call the Coast Guard on 913. This number is also listed on the dashboard.

What's the best way to pay it?

You can book online with a credit card, otherwise you can pay at the jetty with a debit card or cash.

What happens to my reservation if the weather is bad?

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the weather, so if the weather unexpectedly becomes bad due to rain/wind or thunderstorms, we will try everything to reschedule. If this does not work due to the end of the holiday, you will of course receive a refund.

Can we fish on the boat?

Yes, this is certainly allowed, but you have to bring your own stuff because we don't have these available.

Are children's life jackets available?

Of course we have life jackets available for every age. So even for the little ones among us who can't swim

Do you have snorkels and fins for rent?

Hell yes! We have snorkel masks and fins in different sizes for rent from $5. Ask us about the possibilities.